I’ll be participating in a tribute to Freddie Mercury on November 19th. This means going back to my youth…

Queen and especially Brian May have been an influence on my playing and songwriting since my father introduced me to them when I was just 6. I was blown away by the harmonious sound and power of their music and very intrigued by the fact that Brian build his own guitar! From that moment on I knew I wanted to do the same.

So playing Queen music and especially transforming it sometimes feels like my child-memories get raped, but nevertheless I decided to participate and finally (after 20 years) REALLY get into the fingers of Brian May and trying my luck in playing his lines on a guitar somewhat like his, through a rig simulating his and using his well known six-pence for a pick. So far I’m having a blast!

Update: The show is sold-out! Thanks to all who are attending!

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