Raymond quits Equisa

Raymond Otterspeer is no longer Equisa’s drummer. We’ve had some great memorable moments in the nearly 4 years since he joined the band and we wish him all the best with his current and future musical projects.

Although Raymond won’t be there, our gig on the 15th is still on! Stefan Maas (5150, Hitherside, Anger of Man and many more) will sit behind the kit next sunday.


Line 6 Helix

Say hi to my new toy!

This great processor is currently taking over all duties of my TC Electronic G-System and even from my Marshall JMP-1! I’ve ony had it for 4 days, but I thought I would share my thoughts, comments and enthousiasm right away. 😉
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Massive update!

Last night during Massive Prog Radio we revealed a lot of new details of The Big Shift including the preview of the song “Ditching Fear”!

So what’s new:

-Pre-orders for The Big Shift start on November 9th 2015.
-You can also get a physical copy of Artificial Memories, only available when pre-ordering The Big Shift!
-When you order both albums, Artificial Memories will be sent right away.
-Pre-orders can also be combined with tickets for the release party on the 24th of January!

In case you missed the live broadcast, you can play it back below:

Release party!

Big news!

The release date is set on January 24th 2016 and will be celebrated with a release party at ‘t Blok in Nieuwekerk a/d IJssel with my first ever live performance with my solo music!

Tickets will go on sale soon. The same goes for the pre-orders of The Big Shift. Both will be linked to some surprises, so stay very tuned!

Check out the facebook-event!


We’re going live!!

Oh yes we are!

From the release party of ‘The Big Shift’ on I’ll be hitting the stage with my personal back-up band to support the album!

Today I sat around with Stefan Maas (5150, Hitherside and many more projects) to walk through all the drumparts. Here’s a fantastically sharp action-picture:


Introducing: ‘The Big Shift’

Ladies and gentlemen: let me finally introduce you to the new album: ‘The Big Shift’!

I started writing this beast at the end of 2013 and it features no less than 15 tracks and a new guitar tuning!

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting teasers and stuff, but if you followed the Sebas Honing – Official Facebook page you could have known the following:

  1. The album title is ‘The Big Shift’.
  2. I’ve used a new guitar tuning where all guitars are tuned to fifths. From low to high: A,E,B,F#,C#,G#.
  3. This album features additional vocals by Petra Honing and drums by Christiaan Bruin.
  4. There are 15 songs which have been teased by the following anagrams:
  • Fis Bhigt
  • PielF1
  • Fatching Deir
  • Curry Emograte Derr
  • GOM
  • You’re Alla
  • Me Do Ref
  • L81 Foul
  • Hanger Flitreick
  • Solesmeh
  • Fail Dong LWN
  • 2Leipf
  • Slot
  • Smidemill

I hereby invite you all to guess ahead and stay tuned for many more updates!!


Thanks for stopping by my new website!

Everything is being build at the moment, so all your honest comments and opinions are very welcome!

I’m planning on making some sort of subscribable channel where you’ll get acces to bonus material, inside stories and sidenotes, etc. Stay tuned for that!

“So, what’s currently happening in Sebas-land?”

  • My next solo-album has just been mastered last week. Artwork is in progress.
  • A Different Tune has a few cool projects coming up this year. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Van Halen Tribute 5150 has just released a few live videos recorded earlier this year at Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom.
  • I already started writing and recording for the next 4(!) solo projects. I can’t tell yet which one will be released first.

In case you wanna catch me live in the flesh, check out all upcoming shows with various projects at the left menu, or under the ‘Shows‘-tab in the top-right menu.

If you like the promo on your right side of my latest album ‘From Middle To East‘ you can check out the ‘Buy Merch!‘-tab for availability on all my music.