The Black Codex – Episodes 40-52 (2015)

The Black Codex - Episodes 40-52 (2015)
The Black Codex – Episodes 40-52 (2015)



Sebas plays guest solos, rhythm and lead guitars on ‘Heading Home’.

“Christiaan Bruin and I go way back to 2005 when he joined DNA (later Pro Sanity) as our drummer. Though it’s been our only mutual band we’ve always been following each others work and filled in on various occasions.

In late 2013, during an Adeia rehearsal Chris told me about this absurdly ambitious project in which he would release a new song every week on a subscription base and all songs would be linked by this huge concept. It would become the allmighty The Black Codex.

As always I told him I would be more than willing to offer my guitar duties for this project and at nearly at the end of this epic I got the chance to add my guitarwork to one of the concluding tracks. He asked for a few leads so I gave him 20-something guitartracks.

This is one of my guest appearances I’m most proud of. Not specifically¬†about my playing, but mostly because this giant piece of work Chris has fabricated is so cool I’m simply proud to be part of it.”