A Different Tune – Songzz 2015

A Different Tune - Songzz 2015
A Different Tune – Songzz 2015



  1. Anique Janssens – Droomliefde
  2. Romy Masseurs – Lekker Shoppen
  3. Bram Kerstens – Unconditional Friend
  4. Robin Walraven – Faith
  5. Charlotte Adriaansen – Bird
  6. Noortje van Oers – Love Beats Insecurity
  7. Danielle Druggen – Time has Come
  8. Natascha Scheepers – Fly Away
  9. Eileen van Helden – Let the Sun Come In
  10. Milou Suijkerbuijk – Seductive
  11. Emily van Elleswijk – Broken Friendship
  12. Jesse Keverkamp – I Need You
  13. Esperanza Blanker – Kumara
  14. Isa van Koningsveld – Reason
  15. Felice Schyns – Literally my Day Goes
  16. Imke Schraven – This is the Sound


All artists: Lead vocals
Petra Honing: Piano, vocals
Sebas Honing: Guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, vocals
Emily van Elleswijk: Guitar on ‘Broken Friendship’
Isa van Koningsveld: Keyboard on ‘Reason’

All lyrics & music by the above named artists with guidance by Petra Honing.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Sebas Honing at A Different Tune Studios, Roosendaal between June and July 2015.


Background story:

“Since 2014 Petra writes songs with her A Different Tune students which get compiled on a CD at the end of the year. In two or three days all students record their vocals (and instruments in some cases) on piano guide by Petra and a clicktrack. Then I have a week or so to record arrangements, mix and master everything and at the end of two weeks everything gets released at a release party where the participants get to here my arrangements for their songs for the first time!

A very hectic but beautiful and inspirational experience. The CD’s only get sold at the release party to family and friends of the participants.”