Equisa – Strange Release (2013)

Equisa - Strange Release
Equisa – Strange Release



  1.  Faces
  2.  Loop
  3.  Headrush
  4.  Strange Release
  5.  Goodbye
  6.  Panic
  7.  Capital
  8.  Air
  9.  Summers
  10.  For All The Others
  11.  Superman (bonus track)



Petra Honing: Vocals
Sebas Honing: Guitars, keyboards, programming, vocals
Joost Maglev: Bass, keyboards, vocals
Raymond Otterspeer: Drums

All lyrics and vocal melodies by Petra Honing, except ‘Faces’ by Sebas Honing and ‘Headrush’ by Joost maglev.
All music by Sebas Honing except ‘Air’ by Petra and Sebas Honing, ‘Summers’ and ‘Superman’ by Sebas Honing and Joost Maglev.
All arrangements by Equisa.

Recorded at Hummer Studios Epe, Martian Street Studios Zeist and A Different Tune Studios Roosendaal between February 2011 and July 2013.
Mixed and mastered by Sebas Honing at A Different Tune Studios, June-August 2013.
Produced by Equisa.

Artwork by Bas Hoebink.
Concept by Bas Hoebink and Equisa.