Introducing: ‘The Big Shift’

Ladies and gentlemen: let me finally introduce you to the new album: ‘The Big Shift’!

I started writing this beast at the end of 2013 and it features no less than 15 tracks and a new guitar tuning!

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting teasers and stuff, but if you followed the Sebas Honing – Official Facebook page you could have known the following:

  1. The album title is ‘The Big Shift’.
  2. I’ve used a new guitar tuning where all guitars are tuned to fifths. From low to high: A,E,B,F#,C#,G#.
  3. This album features additional vocals by Petra Honing and drums by Christiaan Bruin.
  4. There are 15 songs which have been teased by the following anagrams:
  • Fis Bhigt
  • PielF1
  • Fatching Deir
  • Curry Emograte Derr
  • GOM
  • You’re Alla
  • Me Do Ref
  • L81 Foul
  • Hanger Flitreick
  • Solesmeh
  • Fail Dong LWN
  • 2Leipf
  • Slot
  • Smidemill

I hereby invite you all to guess ahead and stay tuned for many more updates!!

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