And there goes 2016…

A LOT has happened this year. Lots of goodness and a big share of the unfortunate alas. All this makes me looking very much forward to 2017!

Since my updates on this site have been quite lacking (I’m very sorry!), here’s a quick recap of the most notable things that went down this year:

-Tobias and Elin were born,
-The lovely annual A Different Tune projects,
-Lots of cool gigs with 5150, Equisa and for the first time ever as a solo artist,
-Koen Stam joined Equisa and we completed the Great Minds EP which shall be available shortly,
-Erik Siegel joined Minor Giant,
-The releases of The Big Shift, Artificial Memories, Overwrite the Sin (by Joost Maglev) and Undying Fire (by Mercy Isle),
-Lots of temporary projects and one-off shows like Symphonica, Top 2000, Neverband, Inc, X-Tinxtion, All McCartney, Valley Sound Big Band, Ilonka van Hooijdonk and probably more…

I’d also like to list a few things that are (most likely) coming up next year:

-The official releases for Equisa’s Great Minds EP, Minor Giant’s What Was Lost and maybe even a full length Equisa album,
-More guitar building/pimping, less buying (I promise!),
-Gigs with Equisa, 5150 and (my first time with) Minor Giant,
-More regular updates on this website and social media (I promise!),
-Lots of cool guitar students.

We never know what the future holds and although the above list is already quite extensive, this year taught me I’m better off going with the flow and being picky about opportunities rather than overloading myself with a whole bunch of activities I think I ‘need’ to do. Lesson learned. Let’s make 2017 a little easier and therefor more enjoyable and consequently more inspirational!

Even after this brutal year we are still alive and live is good, how hard it might be. Stay strong and positive and love all you are!

Happy new year everyone!



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