Axe 2012

This  guitar only has a short story connected my guitar hoarding confession.

Because really, I didn’t need this guitar at all. It’s cheaply made from cheap materials and in terms of features I owned loads of more interesting guitars. I do however like to visit the local pawn shop once in a while to see if there’s some sort of deal to be made on an oddity such as this funny thing. You see, they don’t get guitar values at all. I’ve seen terrible pieces of junk for triple their value (and not dropping for 5 years!) and little gems for absolute steals!

This one I got for only € 20,- and it was just missing a string, a switch tip and needed a clean-up. The neck is probably maple, fingerboard probably rosewood and the body was definitely plywood. 2 stock humbuckers, master volume, master tone and a 3-way toggle switch. I put a new set of strings on it, did a setup, had a tiny bit of fun with it and sold it with a little profit. My memories with this guitar might be few and short, but they are nice!

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