Sebas HoningSebas Honing (July 17th 1990) is a dutch guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Besides his solo work he is currently active as a member of Equisa, Van Halen Tribute 5150, Minor Giant, Mr. and Mrs. Honey and co-owner of A Different Tune music education where he is active as a guitar, bass, songwriting and studio technique teacher. In 2011 Sebas graduated from the Rotterdam Pop Academy (Codarts) with a bachelor degree.

Besides performing, writing, recording, producing and releasing music, Sebas also builds his own guitars out of old tables.  He plays 6, 7, 8 and 12-string acoustic and electric guitars, bassguitar, mandoline, keyboard instruments, various percussion instruments and does both lead and backing vocals.

Starting with guitarlessons at age 5, Sebas has been active on stage and in the studio since 2003 with bands and projects like DNA/Pro Sanity, Self Inflicted Memory, Galanor, Nimble Feet, SNOW and has been a guest musician on various abums.
Before he started working at A Different Tune he has worked as a guitar teacher at musicschools in Rotterdam and Dordrecht.

Apart from his passion for everything guitar and music related Sebas also showed a very early interest in windmills. Though he never pursued a career as miller he still supports the dutch windmill association and plans to find ways to help the windmill community through his music.